There is no question that Denver residents love their sports. This is probably one of the benefits of growing up in such a naturally beautiful area, where truly remarkable recreational activities can be found just by going to a local park or a few miles out of the city to see the beauty of what the Rocky Mountains have to offer. When it comes to professional sports, this almost fanatical fandom continues to express itself as Denver can proudly say they are the smallest city to have a professional team in all four major pro sports leagues in the United States (five if you count soccer).

The Denver Broncos
One of the truly amazing NFL franchises, the Broncos have been to an amazing eight Super Bowl games and have won three championships (1997, 1998, 2015). While they have consistently been a fan favorite since the 1960s when they join the NFL, it was during the 1980s and 1990s under future Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway that the Broncos really took off and became a consistent model for excellence.

The Colorado Rockies
Coors Field has been a favorite to since it opened in 1993 and major-league baseball has never had a problem bringing large crowds into this Denver Stadium. They have had many good seasons, and multiple players will likely make the Hall of Fame someday, but they are still chasing their first championship. While they won the National League championship in 2007 they were then swept in the World Series and have not been back since.

The Denver Nuggets
Bringing professional basketball to Denver since 1967, the Nuggets may not have the championships of the Broncos or the home run glitz and glamour of the Rockies they have consistently been a very good tough team have been competitive in the Western Conference and have made several deep runs into the playoffs. The fans continue to support them as they continue their quest towards an NBA championship.

The Colorado Avalanche
No one should be surprised to know that Denver is home to a very capable hockey team. The NHL’s Colorado Avalanche has won several conference championships as well as two Stanley Cups. While it has been several years since their last championship, the avalanche continue to play hard for the city of Denver and the fans show their appreciation with a long streak of sold-out games.

Denver also features a professional soccer team: The Colorado Rapids.